Metallic spray paint MAZDA 20N MOONDUST MET 400ml

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A solvent based acryl spray paint prepared according your specification. The color code is stated in the VIN plate on your car.
The product is suitable for minor car refinishing works (e.g.: spraying bumpers, fenders and other minor works)
Covering is aprox. 1m2 (dry film thickness aprox. 15-20 micrometers),
The paint has to be overcoated with a clear varnish aprox. after 30 minutes.
Instructions of use:
0. step - to fill in all holes and other problem places with a polyester putty and sand it with a sanding paper folowing the instructions stated on the label of the putty
1. step - to spray BODYFILL 360 aerosol 400 ml - grey in several thin layers - actualy it is a filler
2. step - after 24 hours to sand with a sanding paper gr. 600 - 800 - if you use Spray PUTTY MOTIP you can sand it allready after 2 hours.
3. step - to spray metallic spray paint in several thin layers (1/2 + 1 + 1 + 1/2) the flash off time is 2-5 min.
4. step - after 10-15 min. you have to overcoat the surface with a clear varnish in several thin layers as well
5. step - if you require perfect shine the surface is possible to polish after 24 hours - or you can use Spotblender to smooth the edges between the old and the new surface.